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Why Cook With Gas?

The only way to cook is with natural gas

There's a reason why 'Cooking With Gas' is synonymous with speed and efficiency. We talked to the top chefs from across the country — from New York to Los Angeles — and the answer is clear: the only way to cook is with natural gas. In the fast-paced restaurant industry, chefs demand the quickness, control and reliability of cooking with gas.

"What we do on a daily basis in that restaurant can’t be done without natural gas. It would probably be impossible."

Gio Osso, Virtu, Arizona


We’re talking about power. We’re talking about the ability to cook many things rapidly, which is what every chef in every restaurant needs."

Jeff Bradley, Posh Phoenix
A sautee pan full of shrimp


Households that use natural gas for heating, cooking and clothes drying save an average of $1,132 per year compared to homes using electricity for those applications. The low cost of natural gas has saved families a total of $125 billion over the last 10 years.

A frying pan tossing shrimp over a blue flame


Natural gas is so great because I can control the temperature really easily, and the pan gets up to temperature super fast."

Amber Kelley, Cook with Amber

avg. savings per year