Tarit Tanjasiri | Cooking With Gas

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"Well, I realized that cooking with gas is the way to go when I went to a place that had no gas. That's when I realized the benefit of [cooking with gas]."

Tarit Tanjasiri

Tarit Tanjasiri

Chief Executive Baker

Crema Café, Seal Beach


Tarit Tanjasiri grew up in Thailand and boarding schools since he was twelve years old, he has had to fend for himself when it came to finding good things to eat. Tarit’s father was a banker who loves to cook. He always taught him to always use the best ingredients when making anything and that has stuck with him till today. Tarit went to school at the University of Southern California majoring in Economics and business. His culinary career started when he left the real estate investment and management world and decided to follow his dreams and open up a café and restaurant in Studio City in 1994. He was not a formally trained chef so he surrounded himself with great friends, French chefs and pastry chef at the Regency Club and learned from them in their kitchen. He later further his education at the French pastry school in Chicago in 2012. There he met one of his closest friend, mentor and master baker Didier Rosada and that was the starting point of what became Crema Artisan Bakers. A wholesale bakery with a focus on long fermented doughs, artisan style breads and viennoiserie (croissants and breakfasts pastries) With the bakery, he was able to live his passion for baking. Tarit is absolutely obsessed with making classic things done right. 30 years, 5 restaurants, 1 retail bakery and now a wholesale bakery later, he is still in learning mode all the time. Baking artisan style breads and laminated dough has become his passion over the past 12 years. He always comments that the baking industry is by far the best industry he has been a part of.