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"You have a lot more flexibility and a lot more control over your heat."

Matthieu Chamussy

Matthieu Chamussy

Pastry Chef

Porto's Bakery & Café, Los Angeles


Starting an apprenticeship with Pierre Toukane, working his way up by starting at the bottom, rolling croissants and moving slowly to making baguettes. Months later He enrolled at Ecole Ferrandi. After achieving his degrees in Boulangerie and Patisserie, Matthew obtained his BAC PRO patisserie. In 2004, he embarked on his move to New York City. Matthew found himself working alongside; Eric Bedoucha from Financier Patisserie, Damien Hergott from Bouley Bakery. After New York City, he decided to go back to France and work Keiko Nagae at the Lancaster Hotel in Paris. In 2007, the opportunity presented itself and an offer to be a partner in a bakery called Le Pain du Jour in Santa Monica. Matthew developed the product line and implemented a variety of Classical French Pastries and Viennoiserie. The Santa Monica bakery grew more popular than ever. Due to personal circumstances for Matthew’s business partner, the business was sold. Matthew’s desire to focus further on bread cultivated as he was approached by Chef Hidefumi Kubota, Master Bread Baker from Japan, and Chef David Myers, to become an Assistant Head Baker for Boule Patisserie in Los Angeles. Boule, later on, closed to become Comme Ca Bakery, where Matthew was promoted to be Head of Production when Chef Kubota returned to Japan. After working for Comme Ca Bakery and training many staff members, Matthew was approached by a Chef Instructor for the Art Institutes of California — Los Angeles who informed him they were looking for a Chef Instructor in Baking and Pastry program. Without hesitation Matthew took this position subsequently teaching has always been his dream. In 2012 Matthew taught a Viennoiserie class at the prestigious Art of Pastry School founded by M.O.F Stephane Treand and managed a two-day hands-on workshop for a group of six eager students. He has also consulted for many bakeries across the United States. In 2013, Matthew was recruited by Pascal Rigo, owner/founder of La Boulange Bakery in order to do the national rollout of La Boulange Bakery goods across 11,000 national Starbucks locations as Research and Development Specialist for co-manufacturing. The goal was to replicate the La Boulange line of products to the whole national program of Starbucks across the United States and Canada. Working since 2015 for Porto’s Bakery under the direction of Tony Salazar as Research & Development Pastry Chef, the challenge is one of size to innovate, improve, and develop the pastry teams of four very large and very high volume bakeries.