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"I think playing with fire, working with fire, having that live ammunition there at the plan, it's absolutely priceless and essential."

Justin Beckett

Justin Beckett


Beckett's Table, Phoenix


Chef Justin Beckett and his wife Michelle became fast friends with sommeliers Katie and Scott Stephens when they met in 2002. For years they bonded over family style dinners and the excitement of pairing wine with each of their creations, until one night fate asked a question: “What if we opened our own restaurant?” With wine glass and notebook in hand, they feverishly jotted down everything they cherished about their nights together, from first course to napkin selection. By the end of the night, with their enthusiastic laundry-list, everyone was all in.Beckett’s Table opened in 2010 in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, where fresh ingredients arrive from farms no farther than 30 miles of its kitchen, and its wine list has been created with such passion and attention to detail that it has won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for the past five years in a row. The sophisticated comfort food, open kitchen and warm hospitality reminisces back to their beloved nights of home cooked meals and hand-picked wines. The only difference now is that you get to sit at the table.